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DIFFUSION OF INNOVATIONS THEORY Diffusion research goes one step further than two-step flow theory. The original diffusion research was done as early as 1903 by the French sociologist Gabriel Tarde who plotted the original S-shaped diffusion curve. Tardes’ 1903 S-shaped curve is of current importance because “most innovations have an S-shaped rate of adoption” (Rogers, […]

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Technology Acceptance Model (TAM)* * Source: Davis, F. D., Bagozzi, R. P., and Warshaw, P. R. “User Acceptance of Computer Technology: A Comparison of Two Theoretical Models,” Management Science, 35, 1989, 982-1003.     Technology Acceptance Model 2 (TAM2)* * Source: Venkatesh, V. and Davis, F.D. “A Theoretical Extension of the Technology Acceptance Model: Four […]