Computational Thinking Education

Caters to readers who want to understand the importance of computational thinking and how to implement it in education
Demonstrates how computational thinking is currently being integrated into subject learning in K-12 education
Explores teachers’ professional development in connection with computational thinking education.

This This book is open access under a CC BY 4.0 license.This book offers a comprehensive guide, covering every important aspect of computational thinking education. It provides an in-depth discussion of computational thinking, including the notion of perceiving computational thinking practices as ways of mapping models from the abstraction of data and process structures to natural phenomena. Further, it explores how computational thinking education is implemented in different regions, and how computational thinking is being integrated into subject learning in K-12 education. In closing, it discusses computational thinking from the perspective of STEM education, the use of video games to teach computational thinking, and how computational thinking is helping to transform the quality of the workforce in the textile and apparel industry.

Source: springer.com

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