Introduction to IATA – Answer key formats

Định dạng đáp án In the column with the header ‘Key’ in an item bank data file, you must provide IATA with information it can use to score each item. In the simplest case, for multiple choice test items with a single correct option, the value in each column should be the alphanumeric character corresponding … Read more

Introduction to IATA – 1.3.2. Item Data

Dữ liệu câu hỏi IATA produces and uses item data files with a specific format. An item data file contains all the information required to perform statistical analysis of items and may contain the parameters used to describe the statistical properties of items. An item bank produced or used by IATA should contain the variables … Read more

Introduction to IATA – Variables reserved by IATA

Các biến dành riêng trong IATA During the analysis of response data, IATA will calculate a variety of different working variables. The names of these working or output variables are restricted and should not be used as names of test items or questionnaire variables. These variables, which IATA adds to the scored test data file, … Read more

Introduction to IATA – Item naming

Định danh câu hỏi thi It is important to assign a unique name to each item in a national assessment program (see Anderson and Morgan 2008; Greaney and Kellaghan 2012). All statistical analyses performed on a test item should be linked clearly to the name or label of an item. If an item is repeated … Read more

Introduction to IATA – Treatment of Missing and Omitted Data

Xử ký Dữ liệu thiếu và dữ liệu bỏ qua Missing data occur when a student does not provide a response to a test item. When this happens, rather than leaving the data field blank, a missing value code is used to record why the response is missing. There are two types of missing responses: … Read more

Introduction to IATA – 1.3.1. Response data (dữ liệu phản hồi)

Response data include the response of each student to each test item. The test results imported in the response data file must allow for automated scoring; this means that the item response data should include the codes representing how students actually response to items. For example, if the response data are from a multiple choice … Read more

Giới thiệu dự án IATA

Cùng với Quest, Conquest, Iteman; IATA là một phần mềm phân tích, kiểm định câu hỏi thi, đề thi; hỗ trợ xây dựng các đề thi có độ tin cậy, độ giá trị với mục tiêu giảm thiểu sai số giữa điểm thi và điểm số thực của thí sinh. Như chúng ta biết, tất … Read more